The Land Between

The Land Between (Zondervan, 2010)

Author Jeff Manion uses the Biblical account of the Children of Israel’s wandering in the wilderness as a metaphor for being in an undesired, transitional space.  He explores ways in which the Israelites’ reactions provide examples on how we should respond (or in many cases, not respond) to our own transitions.  Until reading this book, I’d never thought about the fact that the Israelites were not close to being ready to enter The Promised Land when they left Egypt.  They needed God’s transformation from unruly slaves all too familiar with Egyptian gods to God’s witnesses in their new land.

Using a very conversational style, Jeff delineates common characteristics and perceptions people feel in the Land Between.  By acknowledging and accepting those characteristics and perceptions as part of our human condition, we are free to honestly cry out to God and trust in His provision.

The author is all too familiar with the Land Between, as his mother was killed in an automobile accident while on the way to her father-in law’s funeral.  Her husband and baby survived.  The author was 12 years old at the time.  In retrospect, he realizes that God used this tragedy to shape the person he has become.  He currently is Pastor of Ada Bible Church near Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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