Life’s Journey Wends

By Dave Henning / September 30, 2011

The following hymn verses were written by Rev. Larry Hauser, who just retired as the pastor of Berea Lutheran Church in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Based on Matthew 14:22-33 (Jesus Walks on the Water) and sung to the tune O Waly, Waly, Rev. Hauser’s hymn addresses those emotions common to anyone in a period of transition, what author Jeff Manion refers to as the “Land Between”.



Life’s journey wends through darkest night,

We yearn for hope, we strain for light.

The way ahead is hard to press.

We strive but tire, our strength grows less.


What do we see come through this night?

A vision pale, it sparks our fright!

Our spirits cry, “What is this now?

What added pain must we allow?”


Be strong in heart, for it is I,

Your God and Lord; trust I am nigh.

No night can turn me far from you;

no storm prevent; my Love breaks through.”


Lord, if you call, then I will come,

though storms blow fierce and thunders drum.

But leave me not without your care

for I am weak, prone to dispair.


“Come, do not fear,” says Christ the Lord.

“Though faith seems frail, your strength outpoured..

My hand is strong; through wind and wave

I draw you in, your life I save.”


“Oh, you my friends, of little faith,

why do you doubt my saving grace?

Hold fast to me, I will prove true.

My every word fulfilled for you.”


Lord, it is you; I trust your Word.

My heart grows strong, my soul assured.

With you my giude, my strength, my stay,

dark night gives way, now dawns your Day!


















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