Suffering brings change

By Dave Henning / March 5, 2012

In his book The Calling; Live a Life of Significance, Dr. Kurt Senske has this thought on responding to life’s challenges:  “When we suffer the loss of someone or something we love, we also lose a part of ourselves.  It is a time of great vulnerability.  We might rage against God, blame others, feel entitled, or live in resentment.  Sometimes it takes going through these events to bring us to a place of humility, where we turn to God, ready to hear His call to a different kind of life.  Suffering brings change. . . .God transforms us into persons with renewed faith and passion, ready to envision new possibilities.”  Or, as Jeff Manion asks in The Land Between, “Will we open our lives to his work and his blessing while we are not where we want to be?”

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