A long and winding road

By Dave Henning / May 4, 2012

After I’ve annotated and blogged a book on the Crown of Compassion web site, my wife reads the book for her benefit and to contribute her insights.  Currently she is reading The Peace God Promises by Ann Spangler.  Today she remarked that Ann Spangler commented that one reason we find it hard to keep our eyes on God during a time of transition or adversity is that  the time between the onset and God’s answers to our prayer seems interminably long.  In addition, our waiting underscores the realization that we don’t have the control we thought we had over our situation.

Ann aptly describes our feelings: ” We feel our weakness as never before.  When the answer finally does come, it may take time for us to recognize.  Or the answer may unfold gradually.  Or it may not be the answer we want.”

Are we filling our transitional time in positive ways, intentionally connecting  with God every day as well as finding evidence of God’s provision and blessing in our lives?

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