One tug at a time

In Chapter 7 (“Have Barbed-Wire Discipline”) of When Life’s Not Working, Pastor Bob Merritt compares enormous and seemingly insurmountable problems that most of us face to a big ball of barbed-wire that sat in his back yard for 15 years.  He asks: “What is it in your life that seems so over whelming that every time you think about it you just want to crawl in a hole and forget it?”

Certainly your downsizing or ministry position loss fits that category.  So how can you begin to overcome your loss?  Is it possible to take it on with one monumental effort?  Bob encourages us: “But here’s the truth: no matter what your pile is, you can do something.

By now you may be wondering how Bob conquered that behemoth barbed-wire ball, or if it’s still sitting in his backyard.  He decided that every time he went into the woods, he would break off a small section of the wire.  Eventually he began to notice a difference- and the ball was gone 14 months after his first tug.

Overcoming starts by taking one tug at a time.

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