It’s after midnight- where have you been??

Max Lucado bases his book A Gentle Thunder: Hearing God Through the Storm on the gospel of John.  In Chapter 4, “Miracle at Midnight”, Max comments on John 16: 16-21, when the disciples were in a boat rowing toward Capernaum and Jesus hadn’t yet joined them.  Even though a storm was brewing, Jesus didn’t arrive until well after darkness had set in.

Max asks: “What made it the right time?  I don’t know. . . . I only know his (Jesus’) timing is always right.  I can only say he will do what is best. . . . Though you hear nothing, he is speaking.  Though you see nothing, he is acting.  With God there are no accidents.  Every incident is intended to bring us closer to God.”

As we move through our transitional, Land Between times, Max reminds us that God is more concerned that we approach our revisioned ministry opportunity prepared rather than arriving there too soon, not properly equipped for service.

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