God is faithful

By Dave Henning / May 18, 2012

Max Lucado (A Gentle Thunder) uses the account of Jesus feeding the 5000 to convey the message that even thought his people may give up, God will continue to be faithful.

Max explains: “God’s faithfulness has never depended on the faithfulness of his children.  He is faithful even when we aren’t.  When we lack courage, he doesn’t.”  Later in the chapter Max adds: “I simply think God is greater than our weakness.  In fact, I think it is our weakness that reveals how great God is.”

In our Land Between, we need to rely on God’s faithfulness and connect with Him daily.  Even though the death of John the Baptist earlier that day weighed heavily on Jesus’ heart and a huge crowd had gathered, Jesus focused on the food that had been provided and thanked God for it.  Can we follow our Lord and, like the old Temptations song says, find “sunshine on a cloudy day”?

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