If it meows, it must be a cat!

By Dave Henning / May 18, 2012

In A Gentle Thunder, Max Lucado retells the story of a king and his two sons.  They asked their father if a gentleman was born or made.  The first son said a gentleman was born that way, the second that one could become a gentleman through practice and discipline.  The sons had a week to support their contentions.  The first son went to a tavern, where he found a cat working as a waiter.  The cat walked on his hind paws and carried a tray with his forepaws.  The other son found something only hours before the deadline.

When the week was over , the first son had the cat demonstrate his skills for the king.  Then the second son opened his box- and released the mice inside!  The chase was on!  Moral: deep down a walking cat still is a cat.  In other words, as Brian Jones (Second Guessing God) clarifies: “When we face trials . . . our doubts become agitated and rise to the surface.”

What doubts have come to the surface since your ministry downsizing or position loss?  Addressing our doubts in the light of God’s promises provides that marvelous opportunity for transformational growth that will infuse our revisioned ministry.

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