Taking offense

By Dave Henning / May 30, 2012

T.  D. Jakes (Let It Go) observes that we all have aspirations, hopes, and expectations, regardless of the stage of life we find ourselves.  However, we need to take time to consider what we’ve learned throughout the course of our lives and analyze whether our ‘education’ is working for us or not.  If we don’t, Bishop Jakes cautions: . . . “then we set ourselves up for repeated  failure.  Our expectations  have a direct effect on the level of our disappointment and our perception of the offenses we receive.”  This perception is compounded if we expect that offenses are part of some, but not all, relationships.

For example, when you graduated and accepted your first call, did you  assume you would have a lengthy career as a called church worker and would retire or leave the ministry on your own terms?  Did you expect your calling congregation(s) to ethically follow Biblical and synodical guidelines in their interactions with you?

The key is to focus not on our circumstances but to walk on water with our eyes on Jesus.  Or, as T. D. Jakes puts it in  a very down-to-earth manner, you can’t drive forward if your eyes are glued to the rear-view mirror!

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