Forgiveness- concept or action?

By Dave Henning / June 15, 2012

In his conclusion to Let It Go,  T. D. Jakes reminds us that forgiveness is not a noun, but a verb.  From his many years of experience as a pastor, he ventures that forgiveness is underutilized by adults: “People often believe it’s important conceptually but reserve forgiveness for a few moments in a prayer at church or . . . in a hastily-extended apology to a loved one.”

He illustrates his point by relating the story of a friend who bought a run-down warehouse on the Chicago waterfront.  As part of the restoration process, the friend had an exterior wall that faced an empty parking lot power-washed and painted.  Within a week the wall had been decorated with graffiti.  The owner had the wall washed a second time- the graffiti returned.  Finally, Bishop Jakes’ friend had an inspiration- hire young local artists to paint a mural on the wall!  The cycle was broken and the problem solved.

As we multiply the mercy God has shown us, through the Holy Spirit we can power-wash the graffiti of unforgiveness from our hearts and move forward to revision our ministry.

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