To be or not to be

By Dave Henning / July 31, 2012

Ron Carpenter Jr. states in The Necessity of an Enemy that our assignment in life is not just to do something , but to be something.  The ultimate purpose of our be-ing, he states, is to glorify God through our life.

Keeping that in mind, Pastor Ron asserts: “Real trouble will not come in life to challenge what you’re doing; it will come to test who you are.”  The author further notes that Jesus’ temptation by Satan in the wilderness came at the point of Jesus’ identity.

How then, is it possible to win this battle against the adversity of our ministry downsizing or position loss?  As Pastor Carpenter explains, that depends on your definition of winning:

“God’s definition of winning a battle has nothing to do with how much money you recover or the status you gain.  God’s definition of winning is fulfilled when you fight the battle and, after it is over, you are even more established in the identity He designed for you.”

Or, as Bishop T. D. Jakes asks in Let It Go, would you rather be right or rewarded?

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