This is (only) a test

By Dave Henning / August 2, 2012

In the Necessity of an Enemy, Pastor Ron Carpenter Jr. observes that many people think God puts them through a test to teach them something.  Ron believes otherwise: “A test measures what you already know.”  Jesus, the greatest teacher of all, wants to assess what we already know and have learned in order for us to advance to the next season of our life.   Pastor Ron summarizes:

“. . . in the time of testing God is evaluating what you have learned during the previous season of your life.  And you have to overcome or pass that test, which often comes in the form of an enemy, in order for God to advance you to the next level of your purpose.”

We also tend to get frustrated in our Land Between or transition time because we perceive that God is silent and non-responsive.  The author notes that in school, as well as in life, the teacher is silent during the test.  This forces us to focus on the test and also to revision what God is doing in our life.


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