“Ambush” your vision

By Dave Henning / August 5, 2012

Near the conclusion of Part 3 of The Necessity of an Enemy, Ron Carpenter Jr. discusses the potential influence of negative people in our life.  If we allow their words and actions to influence us,God’s intended purpose for our life will be thwarted or destroyed.

Yet, why should we meekly cede power and control to such negative thoughts and actions?  Referencing Numbers 13-14, when the 12 spies returned from the Promised Land to issue their report, Pastor Ron notes that Moses only names the 2 spies who came back with a good report- Joshua and Caleb.  No one cares about the 10 who gave a negative report- history has forgotten them.

In Habakkuk 2:3, the prophet said to “wait for” a coming vision.  The Hebrew word for wait means “ambush”.  Applying that to us as we are in the process of revisioning our ministries, that means we need to be prepared to act when the opportunity comes.

Ron adds: “When you wait for a vision, you don’t know when yet is.  You don’t know when yet is because Jesus is the’Lord of the harvest’ (Luke 10:2).  You’re the lord of your seed, but Jesus is the Lord of your harvest.”

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