How’s your mind-“set”?

By Dave Henning / August 9, 2012

Concluding his discussion of “weapons of mass destruction” used by Satan, Pastor Ron Carpenter Jr. (The Necessity of an Enemy) bases his comments on Colossians 3:2- “Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.”  He notes that the word “set” refers to the process of setting a broken bone.

Pastor Carpenter has extensive experience with broken bones- he’s had 13.  He finds it fascinating that when a broken bone is set, that bone heals stronger than it was before the break.  He then applies that concept to our Christian faith:

“God cannot ‘set’ your mind until it’s been broken from the way it used to think.”

How is your mind “set” since your ministry downsizing or position loss?  Are there attitudes or thoughts that need to be aligned with God’s Word?  Pastor Carpenter explains why this is so vital:

“. . . just as God’s Word has been settled in heaven, so it has to be settled in your heart. . . . It means it’s been put in place, and it’s healed stronger than your previous mind-set.  You don’t think the old way anymore because you have a new thinking that replaced your old thought paradigm.”

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