Building a track record with God

By Dave Henning / August 31, 2012

As we obediently trust as we walk with God, we have the opportunity to build a track record with Him.  Ruth Graham (Fear Not Tomorrow) notes that the more we walk with the Lord and step forward in faith, we accumulate the touchstone experiences necessary to build and strengthen our faith.

There will be times when God does not confirm our steps of faith in ways that we are expecting and we may feel that He has let us down.  Yet God’s eternal perspective is infinitely bigger than our earthly perspective.  Even in our discouragement and disillusionment, God will reveal Himself.

Consistently reviewing our track record with God not only will sustain us during transitional, Land Between times, but also will enable us to step out in faith as God leads us to future ministry opportunities.  Ruth explains:

“If we are already in the habit of reviewing our track record with God, if we are constantly focusing on the evidence of His trustworthiness, then when God requires us to step out on the ice again, we won’t have to dig as deep for the faith to obey.  Our minds will already be saturated with examples of God’s faithfulness.  We will be better prepared to act.”

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