Focusing on God’s trustworthiness

By Dave Henning / August 31, 2012

Ruth Graham suggests 3 intentional ways for us to build our trust in God in Chapter 2 of Fear Not Tomorrow, God is Already There:

1.  Keep a journal.  Ruth says this exercise is great for building our faith.  When journal entries are reviewed, we will see confirmation that God is present.  Since God has been faithful in the past, we can trust that God will bring good out of our experience.

2.  Study God’s Word.  By doing so on a regular basis, we recall what God has done and who He is.  An interesting suggestion Ruth makes is to pray God’s Word back to Him with regard to specific situations or needs.  While reading inspirational Christian books is important, such reading should not eclipse our study of God’s Word.  Most significantly,God honors faithfulness.  Daily commitment to Bible study eventually will bear fruit.

3.  Meditate on God’s character.  As you read the Bible, make a list of God’s attributes.  One year Ruth created an ABC Praise List to accomplish this goal (she even managed to come up with one for X).

Ruth concludes that “in trusting God, we are abandoning ourselves to another, and that is a powerful act. . . . As with any relationship, our relationship with God depends on trust, and God wants to show Himself to us for what He is- trustworthy.

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