Simple, honest prayer

By Dave Henning / September 2, 2012

In Chapter 3 of Fear Not Tomorrow, author Ruth Graham discusses experiencing the presence of God.  There are countless ways to experience God’s presence, and there will be ways that are unique to us.

One established way is through simple, honest prayer.  One of Ruth’s uncles, who also was a crusade team member, used to begin all his prayers with the word “and”, indicating that he was picking up where he had left off in his ongoing dialogue with God.

In 2005, evangelist Billy Graham led his final crusade in New York City.  At a press conference, a reporter asked Billy to share his favorite prayer.  Rev. Graham answered, “There’s hardly a moment  goes by that I don’t pray, and I say, ‘Lord, help me!’  That’s my favorite prayer.”

Whether we experience God’s presence in traditional ways such as prayer, Bible study and worship, or experience Him in unexpected ways or ways specifically tailored to our needs, we have to be intentional.  Our mind isn’t a vacuum and it will be filled with something.  Experiencing God’s presence will facilitate our journey to restoration, healing and revisioning of our ministry.

Note: a new Short Meditation, “Christmas in September”, will post this coming Tuesday.

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