Seeking comfort

By Dave Henning / September 4, 2012

When we’re frightened, confused, worried or heartbroken, we need comfort.  In Chapter 4 of Fear Not Tomorrow, God is Already There, Ruth Graham describes several ways we may experience comfort.

The familiar can be comforting- familiar places or things that hold memories of good times, strength or security.  Routines bring comfort.  Ever since my downsizing, I’ve spent most mornings with my “Panera Bread Support Group”- morning coffee regulars I’ve know since my teaching days who have kept up my spirits.  Everyone in the group has their Panera name- I’m Puzzle Dave.  Favorite books , movies or activities also may help restore our spirits.

But, as Ruth Graham notes, these comforts only go so far:

“The problem comes when we look to our comforts to stop the pain.  True comfort doesn’t stop the pain.  It makes the situation bearable.  It gets us through.  We are human.  We want the pain to stop.  And yet, sometimes, pain is what opens the door to experiencing God’s comfort.

Psalm 119:76- “May your unfailing love be my comfort.”


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