Bruised reeds

By Dave Henning / September 10, 2012

“A bruised reed He will not break, and a smoldering wick He will not snuff out.  In faithfulness He will bring forth justice.”- Isaiah 42:3

In Chapter 6 of Fear Not Tomorrow, God is Already There, author Ruth Graham observes that the cattails surrounding a pond near her home look serene as they gently sway in the breeze.  Yet they are very weak and vulnerable, unable to withstand any type of strain.

We are much like those reeds, bruised by the impact of our ministry downsizing or position loss.  We’re at the end of our rope, not sure how much more we can take.  We don’t enjoy feeling helpless, and desperation looms.  It’s precisely in this situation that Jesus meets us in our need and moves us forward.  Ruth explains:

“God is generous.  Often we come to Him with our own agenda, but He has something far greater in mind for us.  He has an eternal perspective.  We are like children asking for what we need when we think we need it.  But God gives us what we need in the perfect time and in the way that will bring us closer to Him.”

As we participate in God’s activity by doing what it is possible for us to do, He will stretch our faith and expand our capacity to minister to others.

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