God’s affirmation

By Dave Henning / September 16, 2012

Near the beginning of Chapter 11 of Fear Not Tomorrow, God is Already There, Ruth Graham contrasts human affirmation with God’s affirmation:

“The way God affirms us can be very different from what we expect.  We expect pats on the back or encouraging words from others, but God will turn around and say, ‘I am going to use you more.’  He affirms us as He uses us.”

The affirmations we receive from people or our own accomplishments are ephemeral.  They are perishable, having a short shelf-life.  Earthly affirmations are dependent on the quality of one’s latest achievement.  When the music “fades”, so do the affirmations.

It is when God chooses to use us that we experience lasting affirmation.  When we’re used by God to serve other people, we experience energy and joy.  We com alive when we partner with God.  As Ruth concludes, “When we recognize God’s affirmation and step into it, we discover His joy.”


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