Approaching God

By Dave Henning / October 1, 2012

Following our ministry downsizing or position loss, our despondency or pride may lead to a growing sense of isolation from God, making approaching and connecting with Him difficult.  In King’s Cross, Timothy Keller uses Mark’s account of “The Faith of the Syrophoenician Woman” (Mark 7: 24-30) to model approaching and connecting with God.

Pastor Keller notes that the woman is exhibiting rightless assertiveness.  Unlike our Western culture, where people demand their rights on the basis of what they’re owed, this woman is asking Jesus to give her what she doesn’t deserve on the basis of His goodness.  The woman truly has heard the words Jesus speaks to her.  She let Jesus be her Savior.  Pastor Keller states that there are 2 ways we fail in this regard- either we’re too proud to accept the challenge of the Gospel or we feel too inferior to be loved by God.  We need to trust the person, work and promises of our Redeemer.

The author concludes with these words of encouragement:

“Don’t be too isolated to think you are beyond healing.  Don’t be too proud to accept what the gospel says about your unworthiness.  Don’t be too despondent to accept what the gospel says about how loved you are.”

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