Fishing time?

By Dave Henning / October 6, 2012

In Chapter 4 (“When Fishermen Don’t Fish”) of In the Eye of the Storm, author Max Lucado asserts that God brings hurting people into our lives in order for us to gain perspective on our situation.  As we minister to others, we put our own hurts on the back burner.

Max illustrates his observation by telling a story about a fishing trip he took as a teenager.  Max’s father allowed him to bring along a friend.  Although the trip was eagerly anticipated, the weather was most uncooperative and the 3 fisherman never left the camper for 3 days.  Relationships were strained to the limit.  Max questioned his judgment in asking his friend on the trip and wondered how such an irritable father could have such an even-tempered son.  Everyone’s hurts were on the front burner- or, as Max puts it , when those called to fish don’t fish, they fight.  Max explains:

“When energy intended to be used outside is used inside, the result is explosive.  Instead of casting nets, we cast stones.  Instead of extending helping hands, we point accusing fingers . . . . Rather than help the hurting, we hurt the helpers . . . . When those who are called to fish don’t fish, they fight . . . . When those who are called to fish fish- they flourish!”


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