Faith- the child of fear

By Dave Henning / October 14, 2012

“Fear That Becomes Faith” is the title of Chapter 22 in Max Lucado’s book In the Eye of the Storm.   Max asserts that the primary emotion propelling Peter to walk on water to meet Jesus was fear.  Pastor Lucado further believes that had the evening been calm and peaceful, Peter would not have been motivated to leave the boat and meet Jesus.  The faith instilled  and developed in Peter through the Holy Spirit’s power resulted in the Peter we witness at Pentecost and in his epistles.  Max elaborates:

“But out of this fear would be born an act of faith, for faith is often the child of fear. . . . give a man a choice between sure death and a crazy chance, and he’ll take the chance . . . . every time.  Great acts of faith are seldom born of calm calculation.”

The author illustrates his point with a story told to him by the son of a godly friend of Max’s.  It was tornado season, and that day a tornado hit their small Texas town.  The father had everyone lay down on the floor and then covered them with a mattress.  The father stood by an open window watching the tornado.  The son, 3 or 4 at the time, knew where he wanted to be.  He got out from under the blanket and wrapped his arms around his father’s leg.  The son then commented to Max: “Something told me that the safest place to stand was next to my father.”



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