The elements of trust

By Dave Henning / October 22, 2012

In Chapter 7 (“Trusting Jesus”) of Ruthless Trust, author Brennan Manning describes 5 aspects of trust that enable us to experience two things that Jesus assures us- His presence and His promise.  Stated differently, the author phrases these assurances in this way: “the promise of his presence” and the “presence of his promise”.

1.  God is not trustworthy because He has unlimited power to intervene on our behalf; He is trustworthy because His promise has been given to and sustained in Christian communities throughout the ages.

2.  God is in control of our situation.  However, when taking control becomes our default response to adversity, Brennan Manning asserts that “God is not our co-pilot; he’s not even aboard.”

3.  We cannot will ourselves to trust.  What we can do is pay attention to Jesus’ faithfulness and remember His kindnesses.

4.  Trust in God doesn’t signify that we unquestionably can prove He is trustworthy.  The author notes that “trust is not reducible to proof”.

5.  Trust enables us to endure evil.  As Walter Burghardt writes in Tell the Next Generation (1984):  “Only trust makes evil endurable- trust not because God has offered proof, but because God has shown his face.  The movement in  summary: from experience of God to love of God to trust in God.”


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