God-breathed or God-avoidant thoughts

By Dave Henning / February 22, 2013

In Chapter 5 of God is Closer Than You Think, author John Ortberg states that sometimes God remains silent for a good reason.  Perhaps when we have to grapple with decisions, to think, struggle and examine our motives as well as assess the future, we will grow in ways that would never be possible if God simply gave us a direct and immediate answer.

Yet, Pastor Ortberg suggests, there are 3 concepts that can make our minds increasingly receptive to God’s presence (the author’s words are in bold lettering):

1.  Every thought holds the promise of carrying me into God’s presence.  As Michelangelo’s painting “The Creation of Adam” illustrates, God and man are just a hairbreadth apart.

2.  God’s never more than a single thought away.  God remains faithful even if we haven’t given Him a thought for days or are overwhelmed by our adversity.

3.  All of our thoughts carry with them a kind of spiritual charge.  Those thoughts are a tug toward or away from God.  Pastor Ortberg explains:

“Every thought is either enabling and strengthening you to be able to cope with reality to live a kingdom kind of life, or robbing you of that life.  Every thought is- at least to a small extent- God-breathed or God-avoidant;leading to death or leading toward life.”



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