Spiritual Pathways-Part 3

By Dave Henning / February 28, 2013

Pastor John Ortberg’s (God is Closer Than You Think) walk through 7 spiritual pathways continues with the Worship and Activist Pathways.

4.  Worship Pathway: people on this pathway have a natural gift for expression and celebration- they experience the reality of God’s presence in worship.  If you love worship, the author notes, you hope it will go on for hours.  Intellectual types glance often at their watches, waiting for the message to start.  King David probably was on this pathway.  One thing to guard against is an experience-based spirituality, that Pastor Ortberg states “can lead us to worship an experience rather than the God to whom our experience points.”  Engaging in study will keep your heart “deeply rooted in the knowledge of God.”

5.  Activist Pathway: the author describes people on this pathway as “zeal junkies”.  You have a passion to act.  Challenges energize you rather than discourage you.  Like the Biblical Nehemiah, prayer and action are a natural pair.  One thing you need is discernment to enable you to distinguish God’s true call from your own strong impulse to action.  Spending time in solitude and reflection will help you create balance.


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