Cultivating friendship with God

By Dave Henning / March 22, 2013

In Chapters 11 ands 12 of The Purpose Driven Life, author Rick Warren looks at 6 secrets of friendship with God.  The first 2 secrets will be covered here.  We can become a best friend of God (the author’s words are in bold type):

1.  Through constant conversation.  Friendship with God is built by sharing all our life experiences with Him, not limiting our sharing time to Sunday mornings or daily quiet time.  Pastor Warren notes that a common misperception regarding “spending time with God” is that it means spending time alone with Him.  While we do need alone time, developing an constant conversation with God turns everything  we do into fellowship with God.  Brother Lawrence, in Practicing the Presence of God, said that the key to friendship with God is changing your attitude toward what you do.  We don’t need to get away from our daily routines to worship God.

Brother Lawrence also suggested praying shorter conversational prayers throughout the day, rather than longer, complex prayers.  One example of a shorter prayer is “breath prayer”- a brief phrase or sentence that can be repeated to Jesus in one breath.

2.  Through continual meditation.   As the author notes, meditation is not some mysterious ritual practiced only by monks and mystics.  It’s simply focused thinking on God’s Word.  If you know how to worry, Rick adds, you know how to meditate.  The difference is that in meditation you think of God’s Word over and over again in your mind.  With worry, your problem is the focus.  Pastor Warren summarizes: “Prayer lets you speak to God; meditation lets God speak to you.”


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