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By Dave Henning / April 13, 2013

The Practice of the Presence of God begins with the Eulogy delivered by the Abbe of Beaufort on the occasion of Brother Lawrence’s death.  In his address, he cites Brother Lawrence as an example of one who retained in himself the fruits of the spirit, yet transmitted that spirit to others and caused that spirit to live in them as well.

Brother Lawrence’s superiors assigned him to the most abject duties, yet he never complained.  As the Abbe noted, “the grace that refuses to be disheartened by harshness and severity always sustained him in the most unpleasant and annoying assignments.”  Sensing this and seeing the effect Brother Lawrence’s attitude had on others at the monastery, the novice-master tested Brother Lawrence’s resolve by increasing the difficulty of his assignments.

God’s grace permeated Brother Lawrence’s life on a daily basis, as noted in his response when a fellow brother came to tell Brother Lawrence that there had been talk of sending him away from the monastery.  May we respond to our ministry downsizing or career loss in the manner of Brother Lawrence:

“I am in the hands of God.  He will do with me what may please Him.  I do not act out of respect to others.  If I do not serve Him here, I will serve Him elsewhere.”

Tomorrow’s blog: “Flooded with God’s Grace”.

Special note:  New Short Meditation, “I Will Sing” will post on Tuesday, April 16th.


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