God’s infinite treasures and abundant grace

By Dave Henning / April 15, 2013

In a letter written June 1, 1682, Brother Lawrence notes that Christians sometimes become content with so little, even though God’s infinite treasures are available:

“God has infinite treasures to give us.  Yet a little tangible devotion, which passes away in a moment, satisfies us.  How blind we are, since in this way we tie God’s hands, and we stop the abundance of His grace!  But when He finds a soul penetrated with living faith, He pours out grace on it in abundance.”

God’s infinite treasures and abundant grace- exactly what we need to sustain us as we journey toward healing and revitalization of our calling.  Or are we tying God’s hands with our bitterness, anger, resentment, and unforgiveness?  As we intentionally practice the presence of God, we are enabled to move forward as the Holy Spirit dwells within our hearts, bringing God’s peace and releasing our burdens..  Brother Lawrence compares our souls to a skiff- alight, open boat propelled by oars or a sail:

“But  those who have the wind of the Holy Spirit sail even while they sleep.  If the skiff of our souls is still battered by winds or by tempests, let us awaken the Lord who is resting there.  He will soon calm the sea.”

Tomorrow’s blog:  “I Will Sing”, Crown of Compassion’s latest Short Meditation, featuring a concert  version of Don Moen’s song of the same name.


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