By Dave Henning / April 25, 2013

In her “A Holy Experience” posting for 04/22/2013, author Ann Voskamp writes about a sparrow that had flown into her kitchen the previous night.  Perched atop a weather vane on the mantle with heart pounding out of its chest, the overwhelmed and confused sparrow flew aimlessly, too scared to even sing.  Ann stretched out her arms, pointing the bird toward the open window- in the direction of grace, gratitude, and joy.

Richard Wurmbrand (Tortured for Christ), imprisoned in  Communist Romania for his Christian beliefs, once related how he had used his chains for Christ to create praise songs for Christ.  Can it be like that for us in our desert, transitional time following our ministry downsizing or position loss?  Can we look for- and find- our song right where we are?  Ann offers these words of encouragement:

“Followers of Christ take the inconveniences of plans and make them into instruments of praise.  Followers of Christ take the inconveniences of life- and make them into instruments of love. . . .  Sometimes you feel caged when you’re really only cupped.”

Tomorrow’s blog begins a series of postings on Timothy Keller’s latest book, Every Good Endeavor.



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