The fingers of God

By Dave Henning / April 28, 2013

Pastor Timothy Keller continues his discussion of vocation in the Introduction of Every Good Endeavor by noting 5 characteristics regarding the relationship of faith to work.

1.  The ecumenical movement’s emphasis on social justice helps us to understand that we must apply a distinctly Christian ethic to our work.

2.  In order to do faithful work, we need to under go inner spiritual renewal and transformation of our hearts.

3.  Some kind of public identification with Jesus is essential, in such a manner that coworkers would want to know more about Him.

4.  Our specific vocation will be uniquely shaped by our Christian ethics, identity, and witness.

5.  Faithful work involves our will, emotions, soul, and mind.

These are pivotal points to (re)consider following our ministry downsizing or career loss- when hope seems so elusive.  Pastor Keller comments on the profound Christian hope necessary to help us deal with our frustrations and difficulties:

“And when we say that the Christian Scriptures ‘give us hope’ for work, we at once acknowledge both how deeply frustrating and difficult work can be and how profound the spiritual hope must be if we are going to face the challenge of pursuing vocation in this world.”

Wherever the Lord leads us, we are to be, as various Lutheran theologians have stated, “the fingers of God”.

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