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By Dave Henning / May 14, 2013

Pastor Timothy Keller states in Chapter 10 (“A New Compass for Work”) of Every Good Endeavor that our Christian faith and spirituality consists of more than a God-given “moral compass” compromising a set of ethical rules and regulations.  We need wisdom so that we know the right thing to do in situations where those moral rules don’t provide a clear answer.  The author adds that the Bible teaches that wisdom accumulates from 3 sources (Pastor Keller’s words are in bold type):

1.  We must not merely believe in God, but know him personally.  God’s gracious love must become a living reality, not an abstract doctrine.

2.  We must know ourselves.  Since the Gospel shows us both our sin and Christ’s love for us, we’re kept from over- or underestimating  our abilities.

3.  We learn wisdom through experience.  Life’s ups and downs can lead us to blame all our failure on others or place all blame on ourselves, even when others are responsible.

Pastor Keller comments on the qualities of knowing God and self:

” . . . but if we know God and self, then time deepens our understanding of human nature, of the times we live in, of the power and use of words, of how human relationships work.  All this leads to wisdom in decision-making.”

Today’s question:  What insights/wisdom have you gained since your downsizing or position loss that might be helpful to others?  Please share your thoughts by clicking on “Leave a Comment” at the top of the page.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Like a good neighbor, Ed was there!”


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