Crying out in anger

By Dave Henning / May 30, 2013

“Refrain from anger and turn away from wrath; do not fret- it leads only to evil.”- Psalm 37: 8 (NIV)

When we ruminate on our ministry downsizing or position loss, it’s very easy to become angry with: (1) ourselves for our response to our position loss or for our failure to see that loss coming: (2) other people for their direct/indirect involvement in our job loss or for their disinterest/ non-responsiveness to our plight; and (3) God for not preventing our loss from happening in the first place.

In Chapter 18 (“When We Cry Out in Anger”) of Blessings, Laura Story states that our challenge is to display anger in situations where it’s appropriate and hold our tongue when anger is an inappropriate response.  We can do so by focusing our thoughts on the innumerable blessings God has bestowed on us.  Laura adds that when our faith in Jesus is the cornerstone and touchstone of our lives, we will begin to notice His hand as He works in and through every aspect of our lives.  While defeating anger is difficult, all things are possible with God.

St. Augustine once made a very insightful statement on anger’s insidiousness:

“What is hatred, after all, than anger that was allowed to remain, that has become ingrained and deep-rooted?  What was anger when it was fresh becomes hatred when it is aged.”

Today’s question: What techniques have you found to be effective in diffusing your inappropriate anger?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Good comforting”

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