Four compass points

By Dave Henning / June 16, 2013

Earlier in Chapter 4 of Gods at War, Pastor Kyle Idleman presented several options that Joshua presented to the people of Israel in his farewell address at Shechem.  Pastor Idleman asks us to think of those 4 options (Joshua’s 3 plus Jesus) as compass points, because whatever option we choose will head us in a different direction.  Today Option 1 is presented and discussed.

Option 1: Gods of Our Fathers and Mothers.  Abraham’s ancestors living in the area of Mesopotamia worshipped the gods of that region, believing there were gods for every conceivable purpose.  The author asks us to consider whether the gods at war in our lives today are the same gods our parents or grandparents worshipped when we were children.  Pastor Idleman states that psychologists refer to this tendency as the “law of exposure”, meaning that “our minds absorb and our lives ultimately reflect what we are most frequently exposed to.”  We need to seriously consider what was held up for us in our childhood homes, because it is most natural for us to adopt the gods of our parents.

Today’s question: What things that were held up for you as you were growing up need to be understood and place in God’s proper perspective?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Four compass points- Part 2”

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