The “git-r-done” syndrome”

By Dave Henning / June 29, 2013

In Chapter 9 (“The God of Achievement”) of Gods at War, Pastor Kyle Idleman states that he is not surprised that personal achievement is a powerful and alluring idol in our culture.  He adds that when our lives are all about getting things done, there is little or no room for God.  Our approach to worship may become just one more item on our to-do list.  We get distracted from following Jesus by all the other things we think need to be done.

Pastor Idleman continues with 3 reasons why the god of achievement so often wins the daily battle for our hearts:

1.  The god of achievement offers us a method of measurement.  For many people it’s much easier to spend time on something with immediate, tangible results.  When we worship or spend time with Jesus, it’s harder to feel like we’ve accomplished something measurable.

2.  The god of achievement distracts us by our preparations, things we feel need to be done right now- what the author calls “the tyranny of the urgent.”

3.  The god of achievement influences us to compare ourselves to others and keep score.  This leads to 2 related symptoms: (a) a constant frustration with friends, co-workers, and others who, from our perspective, don’t share our commitment to pursuing the god of achievement- resulting in a critical spirit; and (b) a constant spirit of discontentment with ourselves for not living up to our inflated self-expectations.

Today’s question: In your last position, did the god of achievement supersede your calling?  What can you do to keep your focus on God’s purpose for your life?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s post: “Choosing what is better”.  New Short Meditation- “Promise you’ll think about it”  will post on Monday.

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