Times of deepest darkness

By Dave Henning / August 1, 2013

In Chapter 7 (“When Shadows Come: Darkness Comes Early”) of The Attentive Life, author Leighton Ford discusses the hour of None (rhymes with “lone”). which marks mid-to-late afternoon- when the sun begins to set and shadows lengthen.  None is the time we realize that things don’t last forever, yet we pay more attention to things that endure.

Spiritually, we may undergo a dark night of the soul.  While such thoughts of darkness usually are not welcome, it is in the deepest darkness that the light of Jesus shines so brightly and we are closest to Him, even though we might not sense it at the time.

Mr. Ford notes that in Exodus 20: 21 Moses approached God in the thick darkness atop Mt. Sinai, entering the darkness where God was- and is! The author explains the impact for our lives:

“To enter into this darkness is to enter into the mystery of God, to venture into the darkness of the unknown, to let go of the little lights that I want desperately to hold on to, and to know God more deeply in darkness, mystery and even despair.”

Today’s question: How has Jesus shined brightly in your deepest darkness?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “When our hearts are punctured”


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