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By Dave Henning / October 14, 2013

In  Chapter 5 of You’ll Get Through This, Pastor Max Lucado observes that each day has a pop quiz- and some seasons of our lives are final exams.  Joseph found one such final exam when he was thrown in prison as a direct result of Mrs. Potiphar’s lies.  Yet God knew the challenges that lay ahead for Joseph, and his prison time provided tests that would strengthen him.  Max lists three tests instrumental in developing Joseph’s character.

1.  Joseph displayed a willing spirit with the prisoners.  Joseph didn’t complain when he was assigned to lead unruly, disrespectful, and ungrateful men.

2.  Joseph showed compassion to the butler and the baker.  Joseph’s first recorded words in prison were: “Why do you look so sad (Genesis 40: 7)?”  Despite his unjust imprisonment, Joseph still showed kindness to others.

3.  Joseph could be trusted to share God’s news.  Joseph accurately conveyed God’s word to the butler (good news) and the baker (bad news).

Pastor Lucado offers us these words of encouragement:

“God hasn’t forgotten you.  Just the opposite.  He has chosen to trust you.  The Hebrew word for trust comes from a word that means ‘to take a keen look at, to look, to choose.’  Dismiss the notion that God does not see you struggle.  On the contrary, God is fully engaged.  He see the needs of tomorrow and, accordingly, uses your circumstances to create the test of today.”

Today’s question:  How does Max’s comment that God is fully engaged in your struggle help you pass the tests of your desert, transition time?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Your mess can become your message”

Special note:  there’s a new addition to Crown Jewels titled “(In)gratitude.  Here’s the link:


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