Bouncing back

By Dave Henning / October 17, 2013

Max Lucado begins Chapter 7 (“More Bounce Back Than Bozo”)of You’ll Get Through This by recalling a birthday party he attended when he was about 8 years old.  The one party highlight he remembers is the bounce-back clown, a pear-shaped object that popped right up when it was knocked down.  Later Max learned that the clown was anchored by a three-pound lead weight.

Joseph, the author notes, had a similar anchor.  Joseph’s anchor was “a deep-seated stabilizing belief in God’s sovereignty”.  When Joseph was brought from prison to interpret Pharaoh’s troubling dreams, Joseph gave all the credit to God.  God was showing Pharaoh what He was about to do.  Joseph understood that God was active, able, and up to something important.  God had taken Joseph’s mess and made it into something good.

Max poses (and answers) these questions relevant to our situation:

“Is the God of Joseph still in control?  Yes!  Can he do for you what he did for Joseph?  Yes!  Might the evil intended to harm you actually help you become the person God intends you to be?  Yes!”

With God’s help we can bounce back, and that help may occur most unexpectedly.  As Christine Anderson notes in “Questions for Reflection”, bouncing back requires two things: (1) a willingness to let go of the past and (2) an openness to receive the new thing God offers.

Today’s question: We can respond to our vocation loss by bouncing back or staying down for the count.  What promises in God’s Word sustain you as you bounce back?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Our line in the sand”

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