Why God gave us emotions- Part 1

By Dave Henning / November 1, 2013

In Chapter 2 of Emotions, Charles Stanley takes a closer look at why the Lord gave us the ability to feel.  Dr. Stanley discusses three reasons.  The first is presented today.

1.  So we can enjoy life.  Dr. Stanley asks us to imagine what life would be like if we couldn’t experience emotions like love, happiness, fulfillment, and surprise.  We’d only be existing, motivated by our physical needs.

I experienced this first-hand when I taught learning disabilities in the Chicago Public Schools.  One of my students had been severely neglected as an infant.  The physical evidence was easily noticeable.  One side of his head was flat, the result of lying on one side in his crib for extended periods of time.  While he could smile or appear sad, he had no affect.

Although we readily understand the value of positive emotions, Dr. Stanley states that negative emotions are crucial for our daily lives.  For example, a healthy fear of hot stoves protects our hands from severe burns.  Dr. Stanley believes we’ve been given the more difficult emotions to help us realize our need for God, with one important caveat:

“When we experience them, we must remember that He never intended for us to remain in them.  Rather, their purpose is to protect us, show us what is good, and make us aware of what is really important and fulfilling.”

Today’s question: What ways have you found most effective in helping you move beyond your negative emotions and begin to transform your life?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Why God gave us emotions- Part 2”

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