Symptoms of deeply ingrained anxiety- Part 2

By Dave Henning / November 8, 2013

Charles Stanley continues his discussion of six telltale signs of deeply ingrained anxiety in Chapter 4 of Emotions.  Today symptoms three and four are presented.

3.  Diminished self-confidence.  When our self-confidence is diminished, we constantly second-guess ourselves and feel helpless to change specific circumstances of our lives.  In fact, Dr. Stanley notes, our anxieties can be so deeply embedded in our personhood that we truly believe they define who we are and always will be.  We may isolate ourselves from others and fail to step out in faith when the Lord calls, “spiritualizing” our entrenched doubts with a false humility.  Instead, our focus must be on God’s love for us and faithfulness to us.

4.  Damaged relationships.  While God created us to be in fellowship with Him as well as others, our woundedness affects our relationships with those around us, often having unintended consequences.  We subconsciously prevent ourselves from being vulnerable to others.  When our focus is restricted to our own issues, we find it a challenge to care for others, who may perceive us as arrogant.  We may take as much as we can from others, yet give back as little as possible.  Our neediness may be so great that we exhaust those we love.  Concerns are voiced as a way of getting attention, not as healthy attempts to solve our problems and draw closer to Christ.

Today’s question:  What intentional steps have you taken to restore a humble heart and repair your relationships with those closest to you?  Please share.

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