You can run, but you can’t hide

By Dave Henning / November 18, 2013

In Chapter 7 of Emotions, Charles Stanley assures us that if resentment resides within us, it will become apparent.  Nothing is more difficult to hide.  Dr. Stanley then examines four ways resentment affects us spiritually.

1.  Bitterness hinders our prayer life.  The author states that every time we pray and the Lord sees a bitter spirit, He will insist that we deal with it.  Unless we agree and deal with our bitterness, our intimacy with the Lord will be hindered.

2.  Bitterness impedes our worship.  If we blame God for our adversity, we can’t truly adore and praise Him.  Anger prevents us from thanking Him.  Preoccupation with our pain impedes our worship because our focus isn’t on Jesus.

3.  Bitterness prevents peace in a church body.  In Dr. Stanley’s first church, two families had engaged in a heated dispute for years.  He asked both families, separately, to tell him the source of their feud.  Neither family could.  Bitterness disrupts harmony.

4.  Bitterness damages a person’s ability to represent Christ.  Dr. Stanley notes that when we refuse to forgive others of what they’ve done to us, we are deciding which sins are pardonable and which are not.  As Dr. Stanley states, bitterness is “refusing to give others what God has freely given to us.”  That hurts our relationship with the Lord, stunts our spiritual growth, and invalidates our witness.

Today’s question: What is your response to Dr. Stanley’s quote linking bitterness with unforgiveness?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog:  “Choosing unforgiveness”

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