Four steps to forgiveness- Part 2

By Dave Henning / November 21, 2013

In today’s post, Charles Stanley concludes his discussion of four ways we can overcome unforgiveness.

3.  Ask God to help you forgive the offender.  We are able to give up our right to retaliate against our offender(s) when the Holy Spirit helps us to see that our real enemy is our own sin, bitterness, and unforgiveness- not that of our offenders(s).  Yet overcoming our painful feelings toward those who hurt us does not in any way make the past offense right, but it does lead to our peace in the situation.  Since those involved in our ministry downsizing or vocation loss may never acknowledge their culpability, it is better for us to release our bitterness toward them in the presence of God alone.

4.  Pray, with thanksgiving, for the person who wounded you.  Dr. Stanley states that when we pray for those we have forgiven, we are imitators of Christ, doing for our offender(s) what Jesus does for us.  Adversity is our opportunity to exhibit our faith and demonstrate Jesus’ love to others, as Dr. Stanley explains:

” . . . every person and trial the Lord allows in your life- including the one you’re struggling with right now- presents an opportunity for Him (Jesus) to demonstrate His love, character, and faithfulness to you through your testimony.”

Today’s question: What steps, however tentative, have you taken to begin the process of forgiveness?

Tomorrow’s blog: “The consequences of despair- Part 1”

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