Cleansing and redemption

By Dave Henning / December 27, 2013

“It was good for me to be afflicted so that I might learn your decrees.” -Psalm 119: 71

Stephen Mansfield states in Chapter 6 of Healing Your Church Hurt that we should have the same attitude as the psalmist because that attitude is rooted in the truth of God.  Moreover, there are three wonderful benefits that result:

1.  When you realize that wounding experiences are often ordained and useful, it draws out some of the poison of your pain.  While this realization may not lessen the pain, it does change the meaning of that pain. It also may serve as a barrier to the bitterness that threatens to taint your soul.

2.  Seeing your hurtful season through the lens of God’s truth can take your focus off of the people who harmed you.  Stephen states that if your hardship is a tool God is using to carve Christ’s image in your life, your focus now can rise from those who wronged you to the purposes of God.

3.  You can get on with the ultimate reason for what you have endured.  As the author encourages, this is “the loftiest statement of your cleansing and redemption”- that you realize what God was doing and can proceed with God’s high calling for your life.

Today’s question: Which of the three benefits strikes the deepest chord with you?  Please share.

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