The renewal of the world

By Dave Henning / January 12, 2014

Timothy Keller continues his presentation of three powerful themes of Christian teaching that give us a new frame of heart capable of facing adversity.  Today the second theme is discussed.

2.  The doctrine of the final judgment and the renewal of the world.  Pastor Keller emphasizes that if one presumes that there is no Judgment Day, one has only two choices: (a) lose all hope, because it won’t make any difference whether someone’s lived a life of justice and kindness or a life of cruelty and selfishness: (b) turn to vengeance, becoming judges, since there is no Judge.

So, Pastor Keller states, Judgment Day enables us to live with both hope and grace- so it is far from a gloomy idea.  Judgment Day enables us to know that justice will be established, fully and perfectly.  We also can be gracious and forgiving- refraining from vengeance and violence- because we know that God ultimately will redress all wrongs. Furthermore, we don’t possess the knowledge to adequately determine the degree or punishment others deserve nor the right to mete out that punishment, since we’re sinners ourselves.

The resurrection of the body means more than receiving consolation for the life we have lost.  The resurrection of the body is a restoration of that life.  Evil, seen as an obstacle to our beauty and bliss, only will have made that beauty and bliss better.  In other words, as Pastor Keller notes:

“Evil would have accomplished the very opposite of what it intended.”

Today’s question: How does the doctrine of Judgment Day impact your current understanding of your vocation loss?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “The wounds of God”

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