The tortoise and the hare

By Dave Henning / February 8, 2014

Earlier in Chapter 11 of Walking with God through Pain and Suffering, Timothy Keller introduced the Biblical metaphor of walking as a means of facing affliction.  As the chapter concludes, the author expands that topic.  Pastor Keller explains that walking consists of repeated actions kept up in a sustained way for a long period of time:

“A walk is day in and day out praying; day in and day out Bible and Psalms reading; day in and day out obeying, talking to Christian friends, and going to corporate worship, committing yourself to and fully participating in the life of a church.  It is rhythmic, on and on and on.  To walk with God is a metaphor that symbolizes slow and steady progress.”

So, the author adds, walking with God through suffering generally won’t result in experiencing instant deliverance from our anxiety, questions, and grief.  Walking with God is slow, steady, and intentional.

As we read through the Bible, we will see many different actions and ways that sufferers face and walk through their suffering: weeping, trusting, praying, thinking, thanking, loving, and hoping.  Pastor Keller explores each of these ways in the remaining chapters, noting that these activities are complementary strategies.  None can be left out, although some will be of greater importance depending on the type of suffering and our individual temperaments.

Today’s question: As you look ahead in your healing, transformational journey, which activities do you think will be most meaningful?  Please share.

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