The wounded and the wounders

By Dave Henning / April 13, 2014

In the Introduction (“Healing is a Journey: You Are Invited to Begin”) of Wounded by God’s People, Anne Graham Lotz states that the Bible has much to say about the wounded and the wounders.  Throughout Scripture, observing the wounded become wounders is commonplace.  Yet, as the author points out: “God’s love is contrasted with the pain like sunlight emerging in silver streaks from behind a blackened cloud.  Because God’s love not only comforts and redeems, it heals.”

One particular story that caught Anne’s attention was the story of Hagar- and it is Hagar’s story that forms the basis for this book.  Ann notes that Hagar’s emotional and spiritual wounds were as painful as any physical injury.  While some of her wounds were provoked by her own bad behavior, others were inflicted by those considered to be God’s people- Abraham and Sarah.  However, Hagar’s story is a beautiful and tender love story- not about her relationship with Abraham, but about her relationship with God.

Anne declares that God has used Hagar’s story to shine the light of His truth into her own heart, revealing that she (Anne) not only has been wounded, but has been a wounder as well.  This book takes us on a healing journey.  Anne emphasizes that the first step of our journey is to acknowledge our pain. We must stop covering it up, rationalizing it, defending it, excusing it, or ignoring it.  Our healing journey is a discovery of the redemptive power of God’s love.

Today’s question: As you reflect on your response to your vocation loss, have you become a wounder in reaction to your woundedness?  Please share.

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