Battle fatigue

By Dave Henning / May 8, 2014

“God’s promise arrives as a pure gift.  That’s the only way everyone can be sure to get in on it.”- Romans 4:16 (The Message)

“A man whose hands are full of parcels can’t receive a gift.”- C. S. Lewis

Max Lucado opens Chapter 4 (“You Can Rest Now”) of Grace with a commentary on how tired our current generation and society has become-so tired that “Monday mornings show up on Sunday night”.  Tiredness also is a byproduct of the physical, spiritual, and emotional oppression resulting from our ministry downsizing or vocation loss.  Like the Israelites wandering in the wilderness, we may long for the good old days.  When we’re tempted to think that way, Pastor Lucado reminds us that “nostalgia is no stickler for details”.

Yet through Jesus’ death and resurrection, He leads us to follow Him into the Land of No More- no more striving to battle our vocation loss unassisted.  It’s time to rest. The author then tells the story of his Boy Scout merit badge sash, the “cummerbund of accomplishment”.  He quips that the only thing more gratifying than earning the merit badges was showing them off!

In truth, God’s grace is all we need.  Max emphasizes that “our merits merit nothing.  God’s work merits everything.”  We simple need to let grace happen.  Our weariness and battle fatigue will begin to ease as we stretch ourselves out in the “hammock of grace”.

Today’s question (from Max Lucado): How is spiritual rest a holy assignment?  How do you move from weariness to rest in the Lord?  Please share.

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