Running on fumes?

By Dave Henning / June 13, 2014

As Mary DeMuth begins Chapter 4 (“May Your Kingdom Come Soon: Walk in the Great Right Now”) of The Wall Around Your Heart, she relates her own tendency to “react to the past rather than be wooed toward the future.”  Although Mary existed off the fumes of her reaction to her past for awhile, eventually she stalled.  Reacting to the past depended on her ability.  What God wants for us is to give us a future to grow toward.

Mary reiterates that we have a choice (1) to base our lives on past negative experiences and stagnate sooner or later or (2) to ask God to draw us forward to a kingdom goal.  She adds that God wants so much more for us than simply surviving the attacks of others.  He wants us to thrive in the aftermath.

The author describes what it signifies to pray the words “thy kingdom come”:

” . . . we submit ourselves to God’s kingship over us.  We let go of our assumptions about how we think our lives should go.  We rely less on reacting to a negative past to fuel us and instead focus forward, compelled by the glorious future awaiting us.  It’s a positive, God-fueled way to live.”

In the next several posts, Mary looks at the types of kingdoms we build on earth.

Today’s question: At this point in your desert, transitional journey, is your focus on surviving or thriving?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “The Woe- Is- Me Kingdom”

Coming Monday: the new Short Meditation, “The pebble in your shoe”

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