The Narcissistic Kingdom

By Dave Henning / June 17, 2014

“For if anyone thinks he is something, when he is nothing, he deceives himself.”- Galatians 6:3

In Chapter 4 of The Wall Around Your Heart, author Mary DeMuth continues her presentation of five kingdoms we build on earth with her discussion of the third kingdom- The Narcissistic Kingdom.  Mary adds that this kingdom also could be titled “The It’s- All- About- Me Kingdom”.

The Narcissistic Kingdom is built when we live our lives with ourselves as the sole filter, putting our own interests first.  Mary lists some common traits of narcissism, reminding us that these traits are the opposite of how Jesus interact with people.  Narcissists:

1.  are passive

2.  blame others for their faults or missteps

3.  have a lifestyle of complaining and griping

4.  are inflexible

5.  feel entitled

6.  exhibit a high degree of sarcasm

7.  abruptly cut off those who hurt them or punish them through belittling

While cutting ourselves off from others may protect us for a time, ultimately our hurt will fester into bitterness and a desire for vengeance.  As Mary observes, Jesus interacted with people quite differently:

” . . . Jesus was active, engaged, interested.  He gave joyfully of Himself, rejuvenating when He needed to do so in the presence of the Father.  He didn’t use people for His benefit.  He didn’t need to.  He was fully free to serve . . .”

Today’s question (from Mary): When are you most likely to fall into a narcissistic kingdom?  Who in your life lives there?  Why?  What in your life right now helps you remember others?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “The Vengeance Kingdom”

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