The joy of heaven on earth

By Dave Henning / June 24, 2014

“No one can build my secret history of God for me.  The level of intimacy I walk with Him is a direct function of my hunger and desire.  I can have as much of Him and His kingdom as I want.  The question is: How much do I want?  How hungry am I?”- Michele Perry, An Invitation to the Supernatural Life (2012)

Today author Mary DeMuth discusses the first three (of five) ways to cultivate a heaven-bent heart that will help us endure relational pain and even thrive in the aftermath.

1.  See the “enemy” in heaven.  Mary states that when she imagines the person who hurt her as being fully restored, forgiven, and worshipping the Father, she’s better able to love that person and offer grace.  For the author, this is the single most helpful thing when she has trouble forgiving.

2.  Remember God woos prodigals homeward.  Our job is to place those who have wounded us through our ministry downsizing or vocation loss into God’s capable hands.  Handing them to the Hound of Heaven will enable us to live with a modicum of freedom and peace.

3.  Find heaven within you.  Mary emphasizes that when we allow the past to strangle today’s joy, we need to remember that the Holy Spirit gives us a “dollop of heaven” right now.  While we can’t control others, through the Holy Spirit we can draw closer to Jesus.

Today’s question (from Mary): How can you find the joy of heaven even when your earthly relationships are painful?  Please share.

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